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Garden Design

We work with you to bring your ideas and dreams to fruition. Perhaps you long for an “English Cottage Garden”, or perhaps your preference is more “Italienate”. Whatever your requirements, we are happy to help.

Important things to consider that can make a huge difference to the end result are:

  • Access and usage (if you have children you probably don’t want spiky plants)
  • Plant spacing
  • Plant layering
  • Colour-themes/schemes
  • Understanding plant growth potential (overcrowding and height/width concerns, leaves, gutters, etc.)
  • Appropriate planting based on soil type and location
  • Choice of ground-cover
  • Working with the layout of the section
  • Shape to complement and enhance existing features
  • Moisture consideration i.e. damp windows and walls
  • Feature planting (matching planting either side of a doorway, etc.)

Let's Build Your Dream Garden Together

For landscaping, garden design, property maintenance services for residential homes and commercial businesses in Hamilton and Waikato Wide.